Wednesday, May 1, 2013

flying time

Often when I read other foster care blogs it seems to me that their children's cases are moving along so much faster than Primo's.

Then every now and then I see a photo on a blog and am reminded that usually time is just passing quickly for me because when I'm reading I am still envisioning that child as I imagined them on the day they arrived in a home.

Lest you think that Primo's case is flying on quickly I thought I should remind you that Primo came to me when he was a month old and just yesterday I started to think about planning his second birthday party, just thinking about it. Shocking I know, it is shocking to me to!

Primo is now more little boy than baby. He is super active, always running and falling and trying to jump off of things. He is talking, stringing together 3 words at a time. He is demanding and has a quick temper, but he is also loving and enjoys new things.

I wish I could post a picture of him, but I'm not comfortable with that so here is a photo of a boy that looks about Primo's age:

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