Friday, June 14, 2013

Respite Experiences?

As a foster parent, have you used respite for your foster children and if so how did it work out for you and the kids?


  1. I would only consider it if I already knew the foster parents, I can't imagine leaving Jo Jo with strangers, even if they're foster parents.

  2. Yes! We used it many times, not only for our own sanity but so that the kids could still go on visits when we had trips. Also it is very difficult to find a "baby sitter" (they have to be over 18, pass a background check, have a home check) that we would use respite to go on dates. Our experiences have all been great. The kids always had a good time and asked to go back to see the people they stayed with. We formed relationships with a couple different familes so that the kids could go to familiar places when they had respite also, which really helped.

  3. I have used respite and it has generally worked pretty well. My agency tries to assign each foster family a "primary" respite family or two, so most of our respite nights have involved the child going to the same people. I think this model works well for her, as she is excited to go their house and knows she'll be coming back here -- kind of like going to spend the weekend with the cool aunt and uncle.

    The day after can be challenging -- kind of like when your bio kids come home from grandma's and you have to remind them what the rules are again! But it's been hugely beneficial to our bio family to have the occasional night with "just us."