Thursday, July 18, 2013

2 Diaper Bags

One of the practical changes I've made during Primo's time in our home was to go from one diaper bag to two.

In the beginning I had only one. I often left personal items and cash in the diaper bag when I took it to visits. This didn't work well for obvious reasons.

With two diaper bags, it's convenient to leave my personal wallet etc. in the second/personal diaper, this way I don't have to drag my purse along to all Primo's doctors appointments etc. The other bonus was that the visit diaper bag is always ready to go, I just re-stock it after visits and as no one uses it between visits it is simple to add a cup and a snack and I'm ready to run!


  1. Do you mind saying what all you have in your bag for visits? We are newbies at this, and I feel like our agency didn't give us a lot of practical tips at all!

    1. Primo has been visiting with his siblings and parents since he was an infant, when he was little I sent a pre-measured bottle of water, a can of powdered formula (never a new unopened one), his pacifier, 3 diapers, wipes, a spit up cloth, a full change of clothes and a toy he enjoyed from our house (nothing very special, because they often got lost), and a blanket so he could play on the floor. Amounts of everything vary according to how long visits are, ours were never more than 2 hours when he was little.

      As he got older I added a sipi-cup, and a snack. I stopped sending toys because our agency had a lot of toddler toys in the visit rooms.

      Good luck!