Saturday, July 27, 2013


It's with great relief that I can report we now have permission from the judge to travel on our family vacation next month!

We always need permission to travel even within our own state if we are staying over night and now that Primo's parents don't want him to travel with us anymore I have some idea of why many people don't want to get involved in foster care.

Where we live we are a very easy (15 min) drive to another state and less than 45 minutes from yet another. Day trips we did all the time before foster care are now a major hassle. We can't wake up on any given Saturday and decide it would be fun to visit X,Y or Z museum/aquarium/ANYTHING without permission. This also often means that I can't take Primo to my children's sporting events during the school year.

I'm really starting to yearn for more freedom.

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  1. That stinks that you have to have permission to leave the state when it is that close. We are in that same situation where other states are so close, but we can go out of state for the day without permission as long as we don't sleep over. Glad you can take him with you. Sorry his parents are being stubborn. It is really mind boggling the things that they are still allowed control over-especially when cases drag on and on.