Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Thought...donations?

A question for those of you who participate in foster care via a private agency, do you donate money and or toys and clothing to your agency?

Does your agency rely on and solicit donations from the general public?


  1. My agency doesn't solicit donations other than at Christmas time. Even then, I'm not sure how they go about getting everything because I've never seen a single request for anything!! Throughout the year, when I offer to donate something to my worker, she often doesn't know what to do with it. I even went out of my way to get my own donations and I set up a play room at our agency for kids when they have to come. Unfortunately, they rearranged and took everything out of it.

    I continue to donate. I've got a closet full of Christmas gifts - some homemade (blankets) and lots of things I've found on clearance since January. (Though, I stopped buying things to donate once we started our intervention. My extra money goes toward that adventure now.)

  2. I don't donate to my agency, although I expect I will whenever we are done fostering.

    My agency is faith-based, so although it does rely on donations, it mostly targets the solicitations to churches and their active members. The general pitch is "not everyone is called to be a foster family, but all Christians are called to help care for these children. If you don't feel you can foster, you can help by donating money, clothing, toys, books or your time to help a foster family." It seems to work pretty well... :)