Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation Woes

Primo has been denied permission to travel out of state on vacation with us in August, by his parents. They have always granted permission before, but this time they feel it would be beneficial for him to spend a week with another family. Any other family, but not the other foster families who care for his siblings.

This leaves us with two options cancel our vacation or ask Primo's GAL (Gardian ad litem, in short his lawyer) to try and get permission from the court for Primo to travel with us.

I guess technically there is the third option of respite care, but as I don't know anyone personally who I could ask to do respite care for Primo this doesn't feel right. We are very used to traveling with him and enjoy it, he has never been left out of any of our vacations. I don't see any value in leaving an almost 2 year old with strangers for a week.

What would you do?


  1. I am in a tough spot right now, with a vacation looming before me and still no permission. I am going to cancel my vacation if I can't take Jo Jo, as much as it kills me to do it.

  2. THIS is one of my biggest frustrations with foster care! These bio families have had their children removed for a reason. I do NOT believe that they should still control whether or not their children get to travel. It is cruel to deny a child a vacation of any kind. It is unrealistic to force a child into respite care with "strangers". (Most foster families don't have consistent care-givers that would be allowed to keep the kids overnight like that.) This makes me so mad!!

  3. ^^Especially after he has been with you soooo long!!!! I would ask CW to fight it (or GAL). I think here they can take that before a judge. I would try that first. I know what you mean about respite. I couldn't do it with a stranger for that long either. :( Sorry.