Thursday, August 8, 2013


Inst*gram, snap!chat, FB and V!ne, there are sooo many ways to share photos and videos these days all of which are off limits to foster parents. I get it and I don't post photos of Primo anywhere online or otherwise, but try convincing teenagers of this rule. So much of their lives are online and when they consider Primo their brother after 2 years of living with him it is nearly impossible to keep them from posting photos of Primo. A couple of my kids are legal adults, I've explained the rules, but just the other day my sister (one of my sibs who lives very far from us) called me exclaiming over the adorable photo of Primo on one of my daughter's inst*gram accounts. She lamented the fact that her children rarely see photos of their cousin and how much they miss us all.

This is where it gets difficult, out of town family want to keep up with Primo and see photos of him. What's a foster mom to do? And as for controlling adult children forget about it.

How do you share photos of your foster kids with out of town family?


  1. You could email the photos as an attachment or set up a shared Snapfish account with a secure password or create an private FB page for Primo with only a select few having access. You may have to be VERY clear to family members that they can't then post the photos to FB or any other public site. I am a bad foster mama cuz my baby is all over my page...he is also a kinship placement & on the way to adoption so CW didn't really care.

  2. We have a Picasa account where only people that have the link can view the pictures.

  3. I make a private photo album on my facebook and make it only visible to those I choose.

  4. I personally have a private photo album on FB that is only visible to those close to me. Day to day pics that I want to share go in there.

    However, since my mom lives in a different state altogether, and NO ONE ever double checks our online presence, I have "given permission" for my extended family to post pictures without worry. My mom isn't connected to anyone that would rat me out and she only posts pictures a few times a year when we are all together.

    I totally understand the rules...I guess. But, like you, our kiddos have been with us for over 2 years now. They ARE a part of the family. It's very difficult to single them out!