Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foster Care and Hair

We took Primo to the barber shop quite often this summer. We had permission from his parents to keep his hair very short all summer.

This morning Mike bet me that I could NOT find anything in writing (I grabbed our huge official foster care manual, that we received after completing our foster care training) about foster parents needing permission for hair cuts.

I've been looking and I haven't found anything yet, but it's got to be in there right? 

Doesn't EVERY foster parent know the rules about hair cuts? 

Apparently they don't, well at least one foster parent I know who had been doing foster care for 3 years didn't know. I mentioned waiting for permission to get Primo's hair cut and she looked at me like I was CRAY CRAY CRAAZY. The first time she heard about this rule was from little old inexperienced (at the time) me.

AND...to be honest I have no idea where I heard about the rule.

So far I've made it through the first inch of about 3 inches of the manual.

Anything you'd like me to look up for you?


  1. Thats what I always heard too! You can't cut hair, or pierce ears! I've always had free reign from parents (because they could really care less) until I had Native kids in my home...OH BOY! Is it a no no to cut their hair! Whoops!!;)

  2. My friend had a child placed with her in New York who lived in West Virginia. He was removed from Mom after she was arrested here. The child had terrible lice, and my friend treated him with lice shampoo like we are trained to do. When the caseworker came from West Virginia to pick up the child, she asked my friend why she didn't just shave his head. We were shocked- that is not allowed here without express permission, but CW said it's not an issue at all down there. Interesting...

  3. Getting a haircut is personal maintenance IMO. This would be like asking "can I brush FK's teeth?" "can I put lotion on FK?". But I do understand if a parent specifically states "DO NOT CUT MY CHILD'S HAIR". I would assume this would be more for culture or religous beliefs. I only knew hair was an issue because of another blogger who's 5 yr FD had extremely long, thick hair that was a pain to deal with & they had to get a court order to allow her to cut FD's hair because biomom had said "NO" for so long (even though biomom wasn't the one had to manage the hair on a daily basis).

    This was the only reason I asked my CW about cutting my FS's hair (and maintaining the haircut without having to get permission every 3 weeks. CW thought that was the craziest question ever...told me I could give him a mo-hawk if we wanted to...maybe in a few years.

  4. I am going through foster care PRIDE training right now. It has been explained in class that cutting hair falls under culture/heritage. The child has the right to continuity of their heritage. That is why you must get permission for hair cuts.

    God bless,

  5. It is in our manual. I did however ask my cw recently if she could give permission for a trim since my girls parents are not around recently. She said, "Just go ahead. They won't notice." :) Works for me!

  6. I'm a barber how would I go about trying to get a contract with foster homes to cut hair...

  7. My son hair was cut and I didn't approve of it and I did not want it cut everyone doesn't understand the different cultures of hair if u cut an African American child hair to soon it destroys their hair I'm highly upset and requested for it not to be cut