Monday, September 2, 2013

It's that time of year again...


Despite my depression over Primo being confined to foster care for an extra 6 months, life goes on.

To distract myself from myself today, I went school supply shopping. Primo is now two and is starting play school. None of my other kids went to school this early, but my boy is super social and high energy so he'll love school.

I grabbed my list, without so much as glancing at it ahead of time and headed to the store. I had a much needed laugh when my eyes landed on "diapers and wipes", I mean can this really be considered school with these items on the official school supply list?

Primo is now loaded up with tissues, diapers, wipes, jumbo crayons, stickers and a smock, everything you need to make play school all that it should be!

Here we go...

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