Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's been pretty tough around here since our miserable court date

I've been down. I found this video on FB.

I started to feel that nothing I did really made a difference in helping with the HUGE needs of foster children.

Foster children face overwhelming odds and unhappy statistics.

Then on Monday I read a post from a fellow foster care blogging Mom that brought me to my knees. Her two foster children, who had lived with her for two years were removed from her family without warning or time for proper good byes. No transition time at all.

When I complain about the "system" of foster care and how it doesn't put first the needs of the children it is supposed to be protecting and serving I'm not being specific enough. The so called "system" is made of human beings, they are the "system". People are letting these kids down. Pure and simple. It is extremely difficult for me to believe that there are social workers, judges and lawyers that place so little value on a child's wellbeing. Is there no common sense to be found? Are the structures of the courts and foster care so indifferent and ridiculous? For me, in this moment this is how it feels.

I have a fierce desire for Primo to be free from foster care. He's been in care since the day he was born. Enough is enough. When I watched the above video about teens in foster care I became more determined. Children need loving permanency, TODAY.

Sorry for rambling, I'm heartbroken today.

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