Monday, September 30, 2013

Reading about transracial adoption and foster care

Foster care has consumed us for the past two years, in an effort to get back to some of the things we enjoy doing Mike and I have decided to reclaim some of our hobbies.

Mike's hobbies basically revolve around watching football and participating in fantasy football, done.

I have decided to go back to playing my favorite sport recreationally once a week and spend more time reading like I used to.

I've finished reading Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos, I liked it a lot. It was so surprising to follow the journey of someone so wealthy and famous going through the foster care process. I have read a few blogs that have mused about why more highly educated, wealthy folks don't do foster care? OMG shall we count the reasons? Visits, permission to get a hair cut, denial of travel and vacation plans, the monthly invasions of agency social workers, DH$ social workers, lawyers and advocates, weird standards for keeping your home safe, no respect for your schedule, court hearings that go no where. I think the real question is why does anyone do this. I know, I know because we LOVE the kids, but foster care takes so much more than love.  

I've been reading other non-fiction: Come Rain or Come Shine and In Their Own Voices, both are about transracial adoption. I've found both books to be very educational, but while reading Come Rain or Come Shine I read one line that broke my heart: "Black males are among the most "unadoptable" children in society." I started bawling and have yet to go back to that book. 

So, come last Saturday night when I was home alone with Primo, who was asleeep, I really wanted to find something lighter to read. You know, something funny and entertaining. I looked online for an ebook, but couldn't find anything light to read. Finding a humorous book is difficult, I would love to have some suggestions from you all!

Anywho, I looked through my e-reader and I found a book I'd completely forgoten I'd downloaded, Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, a foster care memoir. I was not in the mood for more foster care. I specifically wanted something light because dealing with foster care day in and day out, along with reading about transracial adoption is not light and funny and I needed more light and funny right then.

Out of desperation I read the first few pages, I was hooked! I loved this book, it's not easy to read as the author spent many years in foster care. It is written beautifully and full of good information for foster parents. This book broadened my understanding of why children in foster care long for their parents for years and years. I was also struck by how even the so called "good" foster homes the author was in were less than ideal for her. I stayed up well past midnight, I couldn't put it down. I recommend it whole heartedly.

What have you read lately?


  1. I also read "Instand Mom" and truly enjoyed it. If you want funny, check out Jim Gaffigan's "Dad is Fat". I had no idea he had so many children (while living in NYC). It is absolutely hilarous. I downloaded "In Their Own Voices" but I haven't felt the urge to read it yet. I am getting ready to start reading "Maxed Out. American Moms on the Brink"

  2. Oh, honey, read anything by David Sedaris. So, so funny, and short stories that only take a few minutes to read. Love it.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I look forward to reading them!