Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lock Boxes

Now that Primo is two I seriously need something to lock up house hold meds, like our over the counter pain killers, liquid cold crap, yes that's what I officially call that green so you can sleep liquid medicine, and prescriptions etc.

During previous safety inspections the social workers have been fine with all that kind of stuff being in an upper cabinet in the kitchen. For our next inspection I want to have an official lock box. 

I've been looking in stores and online and have not found one that seemed inexpensive or practical, they are either way too small, or way to heavy (fire proof variety which I don't need, but a good size). 
I'm also concerned that I will lose the keys and then when I have a horrible headache or whatever I will be trying to bust the stupid thing open because I forgot where I hid the keys.

Last week I ordered one online, but it was too small to hold a larger bottle of over the counter pain killer in, ugh. This one was strictly for prescription bottles and we don't have too many of those.

I was scanning the internet this morning when I should have been at church and I found an old adoption/foster care thread that contained the best answer yet to the "lock up all your meds" dilemma, and I'm going to share it with you.

Go out and buy a cheap toolbox, any size you want as long as it has a little loopy thingy in front for putting a small padlock on (see photo). There are lots of inexpensive plastic ones out there. I paid $9.99 for mine and another $3.99 for a little pad lock with a combination so I never lose the keys.

I was able to by the perfect size for my bathroom closet shelf. If you care about how the inside of your closet looks this may not be a good idea for you. For me it was very inexpensive and easy to find, almost every tool box I looked at was able to be locked with a padlock.

This would not do if you have teenagers in your home that you need to keep medications away from, but for a toddler it does the trick.


  1. Good idea! So far I've gotten away with just "out of reach", as she's still a baby. But this is good for future reference!

  2. In Texas we are supposed to keep our meds DOUBLE locked. Most people have to put them in a box like yours and then lock them inside a file cabinet or closet.

    I use these lock boxes though with independent combination locks. (No keys to lose.)

  3. My husband and I are going through the process of being licensed in the State of Florida. We have to have all meds, cleaning supply and other "junk" locked up regardless of the age of the child so we have a very TINY closest upstairs that we took the door knob off of and put a dead bolt in its place...our licensing coordinator was impressed with that idea so I wanted to pass it along...