Monday, January 27, 2014

1 of 2 approvals

Way back in August we started our adoption paper work. You know, when we thought termination would be happening by the end of the summer?

Well, anyway we completed all of our paperwork, renewed all clearances had a home study done, so now before termination has even happened we've been approved by our foster care agency to adopt Primo.

This is 1 of the 2 approvals we need. If TPR is granted in Feb. Primo's case will be moved to the adoptions unit of DH$, this is supposed to be done within 30 days of the TPR. Now we wait for termination and then 30 more days after that to send our approved home study/profile to DH$. They have 2 weeks to look over our home study and approve it or ask for more info.

Ideally this would mean that sometime in April we will be approved by DH$ to adopt Primo, but as foster care goes I'm thinking this might not happen until next Summer.

 Wait, wait, wait...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nothing to see here...

There is absolutely nothing happening in Primo's case, we sit and wait until Feb for a second try at a TPR trial.

This leaves me with nothing to write about foster care with the exception of another post about the misery of waiting and the unknown. I'm pretty sure you've all heard way too much about that, am I right? Yes, I believe I am right.  Waiting is the worst part of foster care.

One small change is this: if Primo's agency social worker doesn't see him at visits (because there haven't been any in 6 weeks) she has to come to my house twice a month instead of once, BAH!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A holiday season of sickness

We've been sick sick sick over here. From before Christmas thru Christmas and after Christmas. Virus after miserable virus. We have now all recovered and I'm hoping we've had all our winter illnesses  for the rest of the season of sickness.

Time is drawing ever closer to Primo's TPR trial date in Feb. The closer it comes the more agitated I become. Worrying that once again we will be continued for months on end. Not sure how much more waiting I can take.

Primo has graduated to a big boy bed, no more crib! He loves it and is sleeping well. Could be the bed or could be the fact that he hasn't had a visit in over a month?