Saturday, January 11, 2014

A holiday season of sickness

We've been sick sick sick over here. From before Christmas thru Christmas and after Christmas. Virus after miserable virus. We have now all recovered and I'm hoping we've had all our winter illnesses  for the rest of the season of sickness.

Time is drawing ever closer to Primo's TPR trial date in Feb. The closer it comes the more agitated I become. Worrying that once again we will be continued for months on end. Not sure how much more waiting I can take.

Primo has graduated to a big boy bed, no more crib! He loves it and is sleeping well. Could be the bed or could be the fact that he hasn't had a visit in over a month?


  1. Ah - I remember how good life was with Dude & Dolly when there were no visits. :)

  2. Can't believe it's taken so long for you to get to TPR... good luck!!! My Jo Jo's date is coming up on January 28th.