Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nothing to see here...

There is absolutely nothing happening in Primo's case, we sit and wait until Feb for a second try at a TPR trial.

This leaves me with nothing to write about foster care with the exception of another post about the misery of waiting and the unknown. I'm pretty sure you've all heard way too much about that, am I right? Yes, I believe I am right.  Waiting is the worst part of foster care.

One small change is this: if Primo's agency social worker doesn't see him at visits (because there haven't been any in 6 weeks) she has to come to my house twice a month instead of once, BAH!


  1. The stinks have extra worker visits with nothing happening! It was so nice not to see a social worker for five months! (And totally wrong....) Hope you have great news in Feb. Is it early or late Feb?

    1. Late Feb, just about a month from now, I'm already having anxiety about this court date.

  2. I know what you mean :( So hope much is accomplished. (And sorry for the awful grammar above :))