Thursday, March 27, 2014

A bi-racial family first, or was it?

The other evening Mike, Primo and I attended the church of Primo's older brothers and their foster family.
After church Primo and his brothers were very happy to see each other, they were hugging and kissing and running and playing while we adults visited.

I noticed a man watching Primo. As Primo played the man was scanning the room, he never looked at me or made eye contact with me even though I was a only a foot or two away from Primo. When Primo ran near this gentleman he reached out and took Primo's hand and asked him, "where are are your parents?" Primo was not bothered by this and I was a two feet away from them and Mike was standing right next to this gentleman. When I announced that Primo was with me there was a quick apology and no offence taken.

I shared with Dolly and Vivienne my take on this situation: because Primo is black this gentleman was looking for black parents and didn't even consider that Mike and I might be his parents.

Dolly looked at me skeptically, and said: "Really Mom? I'm sure that he just thought you were too old to be Primo's parents."

I guess it could go either way.