Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A New Social Worker

That's what we've got, only a couple of weeks after TPR. The nice part is that she is experienced and seems very organized. I don't see any last minute visits in my future, and that feels good.

Once again we're in waiting mode around here. We are waiting for mid March to roll around at which point we will know if the TPR decision is being appealed and around that time Primo should be transferred to adoptions at DH$.

Primo has been developing by leaps and bounds, he has a good solid vocabulary which he adds to weekly. He is all little boy, jumping and climbing and tantruming. We actually left the barber shop yesterday because he couldn't keep it together. We went back an hour later and everything went smoothly. It's been a lot of years since I've parented a toddler, the amount of hard work, redirection, and negotiation seems to have completely slipped my mind!

Primo has also started a little preschool program which he enjoys very much, and I LOVE the time it provides me to run errands alone and keep the house more organized.

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