Monday, April 21, 2014

It's been 60 days

since TPR and still no DHS adoption social worker and no transfer to adoptions yet.

I'm feeling pretty depressed about this, I mean come on! Legally DH& has 30 days to transfer his case and assign a social worker. I don't know what's going on, I have no contact at DH# and my agency adoption worker is coming up empty too.

What's another few months in foster care for Primo and his brothers? ARGGGGGG!!


  1. Our Foster Son's mom relinquished at the beginning of January. We've just now gotten in front of the adoption committee to get approval to become the adoptive placement for our little guy. The only reason that happened was because the judge set an court date to get an update and that court date was last week (which our DHS asked to postone so they could get something accomplished before the date). I get the feeling the next step could take months as it will require the caseworker to submit forms AND set up a meeting. She's a nice lady but terrible with follow up.
    Anyway- I hear you and I totally understand where you're coming from!!!