Saturday, April 12, 2014

Running foster care tally

As of today Primo has been in foster care for 2.5 years and has had:

3 judges
3 lawyers
5 agency social workers
1 DH$ social worker
1 foster home

There is still time for the tally to go up as it has been almost 2 months since termination and Primo has still not been transferred to the adoptions dept. of DH$%#%#$^%$#!!!!


  1. Be strong. This is a long road, no matter what. Our family was in your spot a year ago. Termination first of February, and not transferred to adoption for months. I was losing my mind by the end of the summer. Suddenly, after months of nothing at all, the system kicked into high gear so that we would be added to the National Adoption Day list. We'll pray for you.

    1. Thanks! I hope things kick into high gear soon. I'm really feeling like I want out of the system right now.

    2. How fast can I adopt and get out of the system? still waiting!