Monday, May 12, 2014

It's been 80 days...

and there has been a little movement in Primo's adoption. He has officially been transferred to DH* adoptions and has been assigned an administrator who in his own good time will assign a supervisor, who will then, when they feel like it assign an actual DH$ adoption social worker.

I really have NO idea why this has taken so long, any ideas?

I think I need to go shadow a social worker in the DH% adoptions dept. it may help me to be more sympathetic and less pissed off right now.

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  1. I think everything moves so painfully slow in DH$ because all new workers are trained to think of the children they oversee as "cases" and not people. Then...the idea of permanency being important is completely erased from their minds. The case workers see Primo living with you. They know he's been there for a very long time. They know he's in good hands, he's loved and it's where he's going to stay. So they completely do not understand WHY we care that the piece of paperwork gets signed, supervisors are put in place and adoptions are finalized. They don't understand that once it's final it really is different. They just don't see that. And then ones that do, the new ones, the ones that still want to make a difference, they don't have enough power to do anything and their hopes and dreams of doing amazing things in the field of social work are trained right out of them.