Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The next steps

Now that we have an administrator at DH& I decided to call our agency adoption worker to find out how the rest of the adoption process will go. (I will never speak to this administrator, he will chose a supervisor who will in turn assign an adoption social worker, this is who I will have contact with during the adoption process)

None of the following can actually be put into motion until we have an adoption supervisor at DH$.

1. Update our family profile. This profile was started last summer, when we expected TPR to happen in August, and was completed last fall. This is done by our agency adoption social worker.

2. Update Priomo's profile, same circumstances as above

3. Choose an attorney for the adoption.

4. Sign adoption agreement, name change form and subsidy agreement with DH&.

5. Sign intent to adopt and petition to adopt documents for the court.

6. Our attorney will file all of the above (along with Primo's original birth certificate, original TPR paper work) with the court.

7. Sit back and wait for 4-6 weeks while the court makes sure everything is in legal order.

8. If all is in order the court will let us know our adoption date!