Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just got a call

from the adoption worker. 

Our family profile has been approved! We are officially approved to adopt Primo. Not that this was ever in danger of not happening, but it is a huge relief.

In one week our adoption worker has accomplished so much, I'm so impressed. After so much waiting it feels good to finally be getting this process moving.

Now we wait for Primo's profile to be completed, hopefully in a week or so and then we chose a lawyer.

Then another visit from the adoption worker to sign subsidy papers and officially record Primo's new name. We are keeping his name as it is (his surname will be his middle name) and adding our last name.

The adoption worker says that we should be able to finalize in July!
(I'm trying not to put too much hope in this, I know how waiting for paperwork etc. can drag on for weeks, that turn into months.)


  1. Ahhhhhh....good news in foster care. Soothing balm to my soul. So much is messed up in my life right now. It makes me happy to hear something that's going the way it should.

  2. That's wonderful!! Finally things are moving!