Friday, June 6, 2014

Post TPR Visits

We 3 foster Mom's agreed to get Primo and his brothers together once a month after TPR.

We managed to get together in March. Primo got together with is older brothers in April and then later in April visited with his younger brother. No visit in May, but we hope to get together at the end of June when school is out and all of our lives have calmed down.

When we made this commitment I knew it would take a lot of discipline to make once a month visits happen. We all made time to make it weekly visits at our agency, but without that structure it's not working out too well.

Primo asks for Adda and BB about once a month, so I know he wants to see his older brothers, he has visited with them every week, sometimes twice a week for almost 3 years.

We all also have large families of 5 or 6 children each and have our own immediate family birthdays, vacations and commitments .

I'm feeling a bit at a loss as to how to jump start our visits, is once a month too ambitious?

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  1. I know for me, once a month would be too much!