Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finger prints (again)

All of us who are over 18 redid our finger prints today.

We are walking for a second time in the steps we took last summer for Primo's adoption.

This will end and this adoption will happen. I keep repeating this over and over while trying not to cry in frustration.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Signed the papers

The paperwork from our lawyer arrived this week. Specifically the intention to adopt and petition to adopt. We have signed them both and mailed them back. (We literally signed them and mailed them back on the same day they arrived).

We are taking this step even though Primo's profile is still not complete. The lawyer wanted everything finished so that once the profile is approved by DH$ she will be ready to file with the court right away.

It was exciting to sign these documents and to see Primo's new name in print.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One more step

This week during Primo's DH$ adoption worker's home visit Mike and I signed the name change paperwork for Primo and the subsidy agreement. This agreement states the amount of subsidy money we will receive for Primo each month until he is 18. The subsidy is available for most children who are adopted from foster care in my area. Some of the criteria are: 1. a minority child 2. a sibling group 3. any child who is older than two years old when adopted.

Another step along the way.

The DH$ adoption worker confirmed that she has NOT received Primo's profile from our foster care agency. We've now been waiting on this profile for over 6 weeks.

Monday, July 14, 2014

"How many children are you responsible for?"

Have you ever asked your caseworker or social worker this question? I've always wondered how many children the average social worker has on his or her case load. I have yet to ask.

This past weekend I finally watched the Episode of Our America that focused on foster care. I don't know how many children the average foster care social worker is responsible for, this show focused on LA county, one of the social workers they spoke with had 43 children to visit with and file paper work on! Can you imagine. There are on average 22-23 weekdays in the average month, I can see why making all of your home visits may be challenging. I know some of those children may be siblings in the same home, but still this seems like too many children for one social worker to manage care for.

I'm going to ask my social workers, our agency worker and our DH$ social worker, how many children they have next time they are out.

Have you asked your social worker this question? I would love to hear the answers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Choosing a lawyer

Our agency social worker has decided that because all we're really waiting for is Primo's profile we should move forward with choosing a lawyer.

We were presented with several options, all of who will do the court paper work and filings for us for the price that our agency is willing to pay. I think this is around $3000.00.

We went with the lawyer that both of our adoption workers recommended.

That's one more thing to cross off of our list.

You would not believe how fast I respond to emails, send extra info, sign papers. I'm working as hard as I possibly can on my end to make sure that I don't hold up Primo's adoption. For the most part our adoption workers are doing the same, but there always seems to be something we are waiting for, what's up with that?