Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One more step

This week during Primo's DH$ adoption worker's home visit Mike and I signed the name change paperwork for Primo and the subsidy agreement. This agreement states the amount of subsidy money we will receive for Primo each month until he is 18. The subsidy is available for most children who are adopted from foster care in my area. Some of the criteria are: 1. a minority child 2. a sibling group 3. any child who is older than two years old when adopted.

Another step along the way.

The DH$ adoption worker confirmed that she has NOT received Primo's profile from our foster care agency. We've now been waiting on this profile for over 6 weeks.


  1. Jeez adoption worker, get that profile done. Jo Jo is a minority and was born addicted to cocaine, but we were denied the subsidy as she is now healthy and under age 2

    1. I believe that any foster child should qualify for the subsidy. It makes the adoption of children who desperately need parents easier for lots of different people who may believe it may be too much of a financial struggle to raise a child or multiple children.

    2. I'm surprised the minority status doesn't qualify her. I thought that was a given just about anywhere.

  2. Glad there is progress, but that is terrible that the state is having to wait for the agency! My experience has always been the other way around.