Friday, August 29, 2014

Do you know what a Humphead Parrot Fish is?

I didn't until Primo identified one for me!
Right now Primo's special interest is in any and all creatures that live on this planet, specifically he's into the ocean and everything that lives in it.

We have 4 social worker home visits a month right now and he is always impressing the social workers with his knowledge of all things in the sea. He shows them his Narwhal, and knows the difference between a Sea Lion and a Fur Seal and a Walrus. He LOVES to watch ocean documentaries. He can identify 3-4 different types of dolphins!

One of his favorite activities is to have me pull up videos and photos of sea creatures on my computer. Last week was the first time he just asked for fish photos and not a specific fish or animal. So I pulled up a photo of some weird looking fish and wondered out loud about what the funny looking fish was?

"It's a Humphead Parrot Fish" Primo cried out joyfully! I burst out laughing.  All of the past week, at any old time, Primo will yell out "Humphead Parrot Fish!" and I will laugh again. He's so proud of himself. He thinks he knows the best joke in the world.

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  1. I had to look it up there really is a humphead parrotfish. Smart boy