Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A MAJOR first

Primo loves Mike, he really LOVES him. He prefers Mike to me everyday all day.

I'm used to this and am happy for the bond that Primo and Mike have. I know Primo loves me too. I see his little face light up when I pick him up from preschool. I imagine he's thinking..."Oh boy my ride back to Dad is here!"

Occasionally I do get tired of being straight armed by Primo when I come into his room to kiss him good night. He allows me a quick kiss and then puts his arm out gives me a little dismissive pat/push and with great purpose he says: "All done, goodnight Mama". 

Last night was one those occasions: I kissed Primo and was about to launch into a little speech about how dissed I felt, when all on his own, for the first time without prompting, he said "I love you Mama". Be still my heart. I gave him a big squeeze and a kiss and left him to his bedtime routine with Mike.

 As I was writing this post Vivienne popped her head into my room and excitedly told me that Primo told her he loved her all on his own for the first time!

How sweet is it that Primo is spreading the love around?

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  1. Aw! I feel your pain :) Our four year old is a MAJOR Daddy's boy. I don't get snuggles or hugs or anything unless he's hurt or not feeling good while my husband is at work. It's cute and sweet to see their bond, but I do long for those soft buddy snuggles!