Sunday, October 26, 2014

Interesting adoption fact

Apparently our county is the only county, of all of the counties our lawyer petitions for adoptions in, that gives you absolutely no proof of your adoption when you leave the courtroom. Nothing, nadda, ZERO proof.

It felt very strange after all of the celebrating was over to not have a piece of paper stating that we are Primo's parents, proof that he is no longer an orphan, or a foster child.

For almost 3 years I've carried a piece of paper from our foster care agency stating that Primo was placed in our care on such and such a date and that we are his official foster parents. We've never had a medical emergency, or trouble when flying for vacation with Primo, but I've always carried it just in case. Now that piece of paper is meaningless and I have nothing to replace it with. 

This feels very strange. 

And so I wait, wait to change his name at school, wait to show his doctors proof that I can now make medical decisions for him, I wait.

The wait shouldn't be more than a week. We will receive a certificate of adoption in the mail and then we will wait 3-4 months for Primo's new birth certificate.

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