Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm finding having a three year old to be very trying.

You'd think I'd remember what 3 was like? I had four 3 year old children before Primo.

I've had the super temper tantrum thrower. There were the supremely clinging types. More than one of the "I'm not listening to Mommy" varieties. And the garden variety:
"I. DO. IT.MYSELF!!!!!! 3 year olds in my home. Not to mention the 3 year old whose favorite word is "nope".

Me: ready for school?
P: nope
Me: bath time!
P: nope
Me: lunch time
P: nope
Me: time for a potty break
P: nope
5 min later: P: I needa go poddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leak leak leak

You know what? I was very young when I had my first 4 children, like I didn't hit 30 until after all my girls were born.

I'm MUCH older now.

A three year old and teenagers at the same time is feeling very Crazy and Exhausting.

I'm up late with the teens and up early with the 3 year old. And in between I'm not getting much sleep because Primo is up an average of twice a night.

I never thought I'd have it all figured out, I know parenting doesn't work that way and every child is unique.

My new mantra is "this too shall pass" (on a good day). During the bad days all I'm thinking is, "this is really kicking my ass".


  1. I am hanging on hoping to make it til my girls turn 4! :)

    1. I can't even imagine doing 3 times 2!

  2. So far, four isn't more compliant than three. For that matter, *six* isn't any more compliant that three, she just has a bigger vocabulary to refuse with!