Thursday, December 4, 2014

Primo and I went to his first doctors appointment since the adoption. The weekend before this appointment I had received three letters pertaining to Primo's state health insurance. They were all very confusing and I'm still not sure what to do about insurance, but Primo woke up with a horrible ear ache on Monday and so we headed out to Primo's new doctors office.

Earlier in the month I found a male pediatrician whose skin color matches Primo's skin color. His office does not accept Primo's state provided health insurance, but I felt this pediatrician was the right one for Primo. So we added Primo to our own private health insurance, which is accepted at the practice. I had not realized that there would be no additional cost to add Primo to our health insurance.

I very much wish there was a class or some such thing to help out with all the post-adoption stuff like health insurance and birth certificates and social security numbers.

Anyway, the wonderful thing about the appointment was that instead of driving 37 miles round trip we only drove 11 miles! That cut our commute time down by 20-30 minutes! (depending on traffic)

There was a copay that we never had with the state insurance, but over all I'll take the short drive.

The needed prescription was covered by the state insurance, so there was not cost to us for that.

I wish I knew whether we can use both insurances or what the deal is, not sure who to talk to about it.

After 3+ years involved with foster care I have no inclination to spend time on the phone dealing with the state insurance plan, but I may have to???


  1. We've had a mess with our insurance too. One kiddo's state insurance doesn't transfer with the icpc and we are having to get individual doctors to bill medicaid rate straight to our old state somehow bypassing insurance altogether. I have found the adoption unit much more helpful than the foster care side of things, but it is still more complicated that I expected.

  2. We adopted two in the state of tx in May. We added them to our insurance. We also changed their dr. The dr office charges our insurance first and then Medicaid. We don't have to pay a copay for the dr visit. The Dr office should be able to advise. We have paid for prescriptions when Medicaid wouldn't cover or the Medicaid version wasn't in stock.

  3. For our two adopted kids and our one child who has medicaid for children w special needs, our private insurance is the primary (billed first) and medcaid is their secondary. Since most dr's in Iowa take medicaid, we typically pay no co pay or medical bills. With medications, pharmacies can only bill one. They will take both insurance cards typically and see which one costs you less and will bill that one. If drug is covered under medicaid, the cost should be zero.