Saturday, January 31, 2015

I still have the blues and medical insurance issues

It was just plain miserable having the blues over Christmas and New Years. I'm very tired of feeling this way when everything in my life is going smoothly, it's just beyond reason. But it is what it is. I'm beginning to feel that exercise may help. This is a true sign of my desperation to change the fog I'm spending each day in. 

I guess I'll be dusting off the treadmill.

As for medical insurance, now Primo has been signed up for our the insurance that our state provides for low income children. I have NO IDEA who signed him up, maybe it's automatic when a child is adopted via foster care??? 

I've called the state children's insurance twice asking for them to remove him from their list. During the first call they assured me they had no record of Primo. I can't believe this after I have received not 1 but 2 welcome packets. When I called again the person qualified to remove him from the insurance was not available.

I don't think Primo needs three insurance carriers, I'm not sure it's even allowed. If our family was low income I may consider using the state children's insurance, but we're not and I don't want to take a service that is not meant for us.

Just last week I received a new medical card for this state insurance, I guess I will be calling them again and asking them to remove Primo from their insurance, not that it will do any good.

As for Medicaid and our private health insurance I'm now realizing that to keep the Medicaid I need to take Primo to a pediatrician that takes both our private insurance and Medicaid. For the simple reason that when I take Primo to a specialist (which is every 6 months, for regular care, not to mention what he may need in the future) I need a referral from both insurances.

I'm feeling very sad about this because Primo's new pediatrician was the best kid doc I'd ever had over the last 20 or so years, and as an added bonus he and Primo shared the same skin color, doesn't accept Medicaid. The only solace I have in this whole insurance BS is that when I talked to Primo's pediatrician about what I should do he advised me to always try to hang on to Medicaid as having this as secondary insurance could be extremely valuable if Primo ever needs major medical intervention or mental health services.

So now we search for a new pediatrician that accepts both our private insurance and Medicaid...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A little history leading up to our first post-adoption visit

I can't remember whether I mentioned this on the blog, but a few months after TPR in Feb. 2014 I opened a post office box in a town nearby and started writing to Primo's parents. His parents were happy to have contact this way and we wrote many letters back and forth. I have copies of the letters I wrote and have kept all the letters they wrote in notebook for Primo when he's older.

Letter writing was a safe way to continue to build our relationship before we decided if we wanted to have face to face contact with Primo's parents. I had always assumed we would have face to face contact a few times a year, but I have to say that once the adoption was finalized I was overcome with the temptation to completely forget about having contact and move on with our lives. This would be the simpler option, but I wanted to do what is best for Primo.

After Primo was adopted, I jumped on my google voice app and sent some texts to Primo's Mom to see if she wanted to get together for a visit. I got no response. I waited 2 weeks and left some voice messages, but still no response.

In the last letter I'd sent I had mentioned that I would call or text when the adoption was complete, so they knew I'd be in touch. Mike told me it wasn't my job to track them down, if they wanted to have contact they would respond.

In a last ditch effort I sent a letter and included my google voice phone number. Two days later I received a very grateful text message from Primo's Mom. She no longer had the same phone number she'd given me in our letters.

We set up a time and place to meet...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Post adoption visit

We had our first post adopting visit with Primo's first Mom yesterday. Over all it went very well, but I still need time to process it all.

More later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

True Dat Tuesday

In the past year I have twice met up with some local foster parents with the purpose of talking with a couple who are interested in foster care.

Results: 1 couple has been placed with an adoptive placement via foster care
              1 couple is now fostering dogs for a local rescue

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Medical Assistance, foster care and adoption

About 5 weeks after Primo's adoption I started to receive mailings about his medical assistance (an adoption benefit he will receive until he is 18). I received his welfare card, (to be used for food stamps or other benefits it also proves his access to medical assistance or Medicaid) in Primo's case the only benefit he receives is Medicaid. I also received letters from the city he was born in, and who had custody of him until he was adopted, requesting that he choose a medical provider etc. 

All of this paper work was dated weeks before, but only arrived at our house a day or two before Primo was required to choose an insurance provider. After what seemed like 10 phone calls it was all taken care of and Primo was all set with this Medicaid. 

A week later I receive a letter from an insurance company along with an id card, but it is not from the insurance company I signed up with? In fact is was from the lowest rated of the 4 insurance companies I had to choose from for Primo. Odd.

Fast forward 3 weeks: on the same day I received Primo's new Medicaid insurance card (the one I signed up for) I also received a letter from his birth city letting me know that Primo no longer qualified for Medical Assistance. After what seemed like 36 phone calls it was finally revealed that his case had been transferred from the city of his birth to the county where he lives with us. We should not have received a letter saying he was disqualified, but a letter saying his case was transferred.

Oh, and that mysterious medical card from the lowest rated insurance company? I was informed that the computer just generates a random insurance company for Primo before we even received the mailings about his insurance.

OK, all settled, fewsh!

Fast forward another 2 weeks and on a Monday morning I receive 3 more letters addressed to Primo. Included in the envelopes are a new welfare card with a different number and all of the other paperwork involved in changing his medical insurance AGAIN!  

It would seem that now that our county has his case we must go back and re-choose the same old insurance company he's had for the past 3 years.

I expect that I will also find another random letter from an insurance company chosen at random, with another id card we will never use in about a week. And about two weeks after that we will finally have Primo's REAL insurance card.

One can only hope...