Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Medical Assistance, foster care and adoption

About 5 weeks after Primo's adoption I started to receive mailings about his medical assistance (an adoption benefit he will receive until he is 18). I received his welfare card, (to be used for food stamps or other benefits it also proves his access to medical assistance or Medicaid) in Primo's case the only benefit he receives is Medicaid. I also received letters from the city he was born in, and who had custody of him until he was adopted, requesting that he choose a medical provider etc. 

All of this paper work was dated weeks before, but only arrived at our house a day or two before Primo was required to choose an insurance provider. After what seemed like 10 phone calls it was all taken care of and Primo was all set with this Medicaid. 

A week later I receive a letter from an insurance company along with an id card, but it is not from the insurance company I signed up with? In fact is was from the lowest rated of the 4 insurance companies I had to choose from for Primo. Odd.

Fast forward 3 weeks: on the same day I received Primo's new Medicaid insurance card (the one I signed up for) I also received a letter from his birth city letting me know that Primo no longer qualified for Medical Assistance. After what seemed like 36 phone calls it was finally revealed that his case had been transferred from the city of his birth to the county where he lives with us. We should not have received a letter saying he was disqualified, but a letter saying his case was transferred.

Oh, and that mysterious medical card from the lowest rated insurance company? I was informed that the computer just generates a random insurance company for Primo before we even received the mailings about his insurance.

OK, all settled, fewsh!

Fast forward another 2 weeks and on a Monday morning I receive 3 more letters addressed to Primo. Included in the envelopes are a new welfare card with a different number and all of the other paperwork involved in changing his medical insurance AGAIN!  

It would seem that now that our county has his case we must go back and re-choose the same old insurance company he's had for the past 3 years.

I expect that I will also find another random letter from an insurance company chosen at random, with another id card we will never use in about a week. And about two weeks after that we will finally have Primo's REAL insurance card.

One can only hope...

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  1. oh my goodness, how Kafka-esque! Government + insurance = chaos, throw adoption in there and it sounds like chaos + bureaucratic black hole. I am glad it seems solved.