Monday, March 2, 2015

One last thing

My trip to the social security office was an education indeed.

I had been once to our local and small SS office, this office has seating for 6 or 8 people and wait time of about 15 min. Sadly this office closed so I had to go to one of the big city offices to change Primo's social security number.

Here there was seating for at least 80 people and there seemed to be about as many people standing as were seated. I received my number and waited.

About half way through my wait I scored a chair.

There were so many sad and dismayed people in that office. Many did not speak English and many of them, after long waits for their number to be called, went on to spend over an hour at the window only to not have their issues resolved. It was nuts. 

There were 21 windows.

It took 3 hours for my number number to be called.

I brought Primo's birth certificate, and his adoption decree with me, but they didn't want either of these. They asked if I had an id card with his name on it. What! The only thing I had was his medical card which had his new name on it, but his middle name was just and initial. Well that was all they would take, we argued over this for 15 minutes.

I was not able to change Primo's SS number without a police report, this took about 20 minutes of my time at the window to figure out.

By this time I felt a bit like an accused criminal that just wanted out of a long interrogation. I would let them put the name Mickey Mouse on his card if I could just leave all of this insanity behind.

As my 45 minutes at the window was wrapping up, my interrogator, er... helper dude, printed a receipt like thing and turned to make his third mysterious visit to the back of the building. I picked up the small piece of paper, no alarms went off, so I quickly read it. There was Primo's name and below that were the names of his birth parents and his birth date. I guess that Primo's SS# will be forever tied to his first parents. Strange.