Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Something I've never written about...

Primo is now 4 and he still doesn't sleep through the night. He slept through the night briefly around a year old. Since then he has never slept through the night. Well, every now and then he does, maybe once a month, sometimes less often.

We have a good bedtime routine and he falls asleep easily at 8 PM, but he doesn't stay asleep. On a good night he's up twice. A bad night means getting up 4 or 5 times with him. He's never up for long, sometimes he goes to the bathroom other times he just runs into our room and one of us gets up and takes him back to bed and he's asleep in 10-20 minutes. We always offer the option of sleeping in our bed, but he wants his own bed. 

I don't know what to do. We've tried Melatonin, but this doesn't help Primo stay asleep. We've tried relaxation/meditation cds for children, rewards for staying in bed, making his room darker with light blocking curtains and no night light. None of this has changed anything. Despite waking up so often at night Primo is ALWAYS up and ready to go by 5:30-6:00 AM!

Over time the problem has improved, in that he no longer has temper tantrums in the middle of the night, so that's something. But last week Mike admitted he was falling asleep at a red light on his way home from work. We need to correct this sleep problem fast. Our quality of life is not what it could be.

Anyone else have this problem? What helped your toddler sleep through the night?